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SAS reaches deal with pilots' union to end week-long strike

SAS planes were flying again on Friday morning, but delays and some cancellations were still expected throughout the day.


My Uppsala: ‘Experience a touch of Swedish Cambridge’

The Local took a trip to Uppsala to discover Sweden’s fourth-biggest city through the eyes of two of its international residents.


Wildfires in Sweden: which areas are affected?

There have been at least ten wildfires and 50 grass fires each day this week, according to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Here's a look at which areas are affected at the moment, and how Sweden is dealing with the situation.

Swedish for Programmers: Three languages for the price of none

What if we told you that you can learn not just one but three languages that will guarantee you stand out in Sweden’s booming tech industry? With SFX-IT, you can learn Swedish as well as two IT-programming languages. The best thing about it? It’s all for free.


Finding its identity: Uppsala and its growing startup scene

Often overlooked in favour of its southern neighbour Stockholm, Uppsala is stepping out of the capital's shadow and fighting for recognition as a vibrant entrepreneurial hub in its own right.

What to know (and do) when moving abroad with kids

Starting a new life abroad is daunting at any age. And for children, who might not have a say in the big move, there is lots of excitement and anxiety about the new place they will soon call home.


‘If you have an accident, no-one is coming for you’

Your profession may take you to risky destinations but it’s your job to make sure you’re protected.


Eight tonnes of human faeces spilled in Swedish town

Eight tonnes of human faeces was spilled all over a road in the small town of ?hus in southern Sweden, leading the road to be closed for an emergency clean-up job.

My MBA Diary: ‘I still have this feeling of excitement’

Over the next year, The Local will be following the personal journey of students on the Executive MBA program at Stockholm School of Economics.


Swedish word of the day: brasa

Today we've chosen a word that is especially appropriate for this time of year.

This cloud-based agency takes remote working to the next level

Be honest, who hasn’t dreamed of working remotely with all the perks of employment? If you’ve got the skills, you only need to look UP to make that dream a reality.


Taking an exchange semester in Sweden as a US student: 7 key things to keep in mind

Applying to an exchange programme can be truly stressful, considering each application and country has its own set of unique requirements. For those coming to Sweden from a US university, here are the key things to bear in mind when wading through the administrative parts of the application.

QUIZ: Why is my nose running (and what can I do about it)?

Sneezing season is upon us. But how much do you really know about the different pollen allergies in Sweden? Test yourself to protect yourself!


All eyes on Malm? as city spearheads ambitious sustainability goals

Malm? is leading by example and spearheading the UN's 2030 Agenda for sustainable development in Sweden.


Spotify hits 100 million paying users, but still struggles to make a profit

Spotify has passed a milestone of 100 million paying subscribers – but is again losing money.

VIDEO: Why top entrepreneurs love Gothenburg

What makes Gothenburg tick? The Local met with three of the city’s leading minds to find out what inspires them, what challenges them and what next.


Pension hacks: How to make the most of your time in Sweden

How the Swedish pension works, and what you need to do about yours – even if you don't plan to stay in Sweden long-term.

VIDEO: Two days in Turin, the birthplace of chocolate and vermouth

If you’re planning on tourin’ Europe, put Turin on your to-do list.


Ring to bind: Will Malm?'s new rail line fight segregation?

When Malm? mayor Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh and a group of local politicians stepped off a specially chartered train in the troubled district of Roseng?rd in December, she made big claims for the new ring line she was launching.


The difference between sambo and marriage in Sweden

In Sweden, there are several different classifications of relationships, which each give the partners a different legal status and rights. Here's what you need to know about what it means to be a sambo in Sweden.

SAS rejects compensation claims as pilot strike rolls on

With an additional 64,000 passengers expected to be hit by the ongoing SAS pilots' strike on Sunday, the Scandinavian airline has said it will reject all traveller compensation claims.

How we brought a slice of British cooking to our Swedish home

The Local's Member Terry Clark shares how he and his wife managed to serve up traditional British dinners in Sweden.

Book Club: Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito

Each month, The Local Sweden’s Book Club reads a different book with a Swedish link. In April, we’re reading Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito, an award-winning thriller that was recently adapted for Netflix.

Waffling on: A tradition of mispronunciation

Swedes tuck into waffles on March 25th in celebration of national Waffle Day (V?ffeldagen), but did you know that the whole tradition is the result of a mispronunciation?

IN PICTURES: Legendary Swedish actress Bibi Andersson leaves behind 'hole of loss'

Swedish actress Bibi Andersson has passed away aged 83. Let's take a look at some of her best-known work, which doesn't just include Ingmar Bergman movies.

Number of people in 'insecure' rentals has doubled in a decade: report

The number of people in Sweden living with insecure rental contracts has risen significantly over the past decade, a new study from Swedish radio shows.

Why a no-deal Brexit could lead to a shortage of medical products in Sweden

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, Sweden risks facing shortages of important medical products, something the Swedish Medical Products Agency has said it is working hard to avoid.


The year Sweden organized the Olympics and defied expectations

Stockholm Olympic Stadium defied those who said Sweden wasn't advanced enough to host the Olympic Games in 1912, and has survived to become the world's oldest Olympic stadium actively in use.

Danish Word of the Day: overenskomst

This Danish word is frequently heard whenever there is a strike or any kind of industrial dispute.



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